Elliott Carillon Tower

Donated by longtime supporters Hugh and Nancy Elliott, the Elliott Tower is a rallying point for student activities and creates a stunning visual centerpiece for Oakland’s campus. The carillon plays the soundtrack to Oakland’s campus with the traditional Westminster Quarter chimes, along with live performances every Friday at noon and during special occasions.

The Outcome

Elliott Tower is the last carillon to have its bells and keyboard to be cast by the Petit and Fritsen Royal Bellfoundry in the Netherlands, which had been around since 1660. It features a fully chromatic 49-bell carillon. The largest bell is a low C, weighing around 5,000 pounds and measuring 5 feet in diameter, while the smallest bell is a high C, weighing in at only 24 pounds. The total weight of all bells is more than 30,000 pounds – that’s over 15 tons.